How to Make Kitchen Cleanup More Fun [5 Tips]

We’ve all been there: You sit down and ponder the task ahead of you. You ponder a long time. There’s dread—or at the very least, an understanding that you’re not going to have fun doing it. We’re talking about kitchen cleanup, and this blog is your rescue helicopter, here to airdrop you a relief package for how to make kitchen cleanup more fun. Here are a few tips to help make kitchen cleanup more fun for you.

Tip #1: Don’t Skimp on Cleaning Products

We found that having top-shelf cleaners and appliances really helps improve the general experience for any task. Say you want to do the dishes, so you want to go for a soap brand that delivers a very high lather for every drop. Plus, don’t you just find foam fun to work with? Then, say you want to clean countertops, so you want to go with a cloth fabric that allows you to do that hassle-free, like microfiber towels. You should also have a quality vacuum cleaner or dust mop; when you invest in supplies and products that ease your struggle through every task, cleanup time will be worth your while.

Tip #2: Get Yourself a Cleaning Buddy

little girl and her father enjoying the kitchen cleanup at home

They say two heads, or in this case, four hands are better than one, and we solidly throw our weight behind this logic. Having a partner to help you divide and conquer the kitchen cleanup is a great way to bring some fun into an activity that you don’t normally have fun doing. Another way could be getting your kids (if you have any) to join you in the cleanup—it could serve as a great teaching moment for household responsibilities and as a way to bond through collaboration and quality time. The most important thing here is to enjoy the company of the person you’re with.

Tip #3: Take a Top-to-Bottom Approach

The logic behind this tip is simple. When you get to dust the top cabinets first, you get to avoid duplication of efforts, especially when the dust settles. In addition, this will help bring some level of order to your cleanup, such that you don’t just have a cleanup objective but a roadmap toward achieving your goals. This approach also goes well with making a list of things you want to get done and checking them off once you’re done.

Tip #4: Put on Some Great Music or Podcasts

young woman listening to music through her headphones in the kitchen

Everyone loves great music—the kind of music that gets us scrubbing the inside of the oven like we’re at a friend’s wedding party. Putting on great music during your cleanup routine can put you in a positive mood to energize your cleaning motions and pace. Alternatively, you could listen to some podcasts that put your brain at ease as you perform mindless tasks. When you listen to something you like, you find that time goes by quickly and in no time, you are through an album and done with cleanup.

Tip #5: Treat Yourself and Make a Game of Cleanup

So, you read this last tip and thought to yourself, “Well, how does that even work? It’s a chore, for Pete’s sake.” Yeah, we get that. And here is how this works: Close your eyes and let your mind recall the mindset you had as an eight-year-old. Found it? Great. Now, think of the color. Done that? Then, pick up only items of that color and put them away until there is no longer any item of that color—rinse and repeat.

Another idea is to challenge family members or housemates to a first-to-finish race on an assigned task. Set a timer and see who gets it done first, and you can also have a reward at the end to encourage more competition. Lastly, treat yourself. After your cleanup day, take the rest of the day to yourself, put on a good movie, and treat yourself to some chocolate chip cookies. Bottom line: Do something fun, rewarding yourself for a job well done.

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